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A new study might turn the age old theory that you have to work hard and long to burn fat. Web MD is reporting that a new Japanese study found that taking a rest in the middle of a workout can rev up your metabolism and burn more fat! The findings suggest that exercising for 30 minutes, resting for 20, and then finishing your hour workout by putting in another 30 minutes of cardio increased participants metabolism more than exercising an hour straight.

Before you start taking your 20 minute break in the middle of your cardio time, let me caution you that this study was small. It involved only young, fit men. They road stationary bikes and other forms of cardio were not used. More research is planned on more "normal populations" and I hope by normal they plan to include some women in the next study.

What would you do for 20 minutes at the gym in between cardio sets? The folks at that's fit suggest paying some bills during your down time. Me? I have enough trouble carving out exercise time, so taking an extra 20 minutes to chill out would be a scheduling challenge for me.


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