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Take the Car-Free Challenge June 1 Through June 7

Take the Car-Free Challenge With Me

Bike lanes don't grow on trees, and that's why groups like TransForm exist: to make sure alternative means of transportation (biking and mass transit) have a voice on both the local and national level. To raise funds and awareness, the nonprofit has created The Car-Free Challenge to see if you can give up your automobile for a whole seven days.

On the heels of National Bike Month and still high from my personal success during bike to work week, FitSugar is up for the challenge, which runs (bikes, walks, and takes the bus, too) from June 1 through June 7. The official registration fee is a tax-deductible donation of $45, and you're encouraged to raise funds on top of that. There are a slew of contests (from best photo to most funds raised) and prizes to help inspire you to give up your car. The prizes and parties seems fun, but I'm participating because every time I am driving and hear about the ever-growing oil spill in the Gulf, I feel like part of the problem.

I must admit, I will be attending a few events during the first week of June that are out of biking range and not close to any public transit. I will not be driving to them, but catching a ride in a carpool. The challenge isn't necessarily anticar, it's pro choice.

Do you think you could live without your car for seven days? Do you think you could reduce your driving by 50 percent, or even 25? For every mile you don't drive, you save a pound of CO2. For every 30 minutes you bike at a moderate pace, you burn 236 calories. I am excited to help save the planet and work my legs — you with me? If yes, you need to sign up today, May 27, before 11:59 PDT.

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sethgoddard sethgoddard 7 years
I just got off the phone with a member of the National Park Service working on the oil spill clean up in the Gulf of Mexico. "This is what we are going to be working on for the rest of our careers," he says. He's psyched to hear about the Car-Free Challenge and hopes we can move away from so much auto-dependency.
ellbeecee ellbeecee 7 years
I ride the bus to work each day, and when I move to a new city in mid-late June, I'll be taking the train. I have a car - because I've not yet lived in a city where not having one is a realistic option, but if I could find the right place to live, I'd give it up straight away.
stephley stephley 7 years
I take my daughter to school by bus every morning, then hop another to get to work. We've used buses to get around LA for more than five years - don't let anyone tell you there's no mass transit here.
imLissy imLissy 7 years
According to google... It would take me four hours to walk to work, 1 1/2 to bike, along the highway. 2 hours if I take public transportation which includes a one hour walk along the highway. I think I'll stick with my car
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