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Take It to the Gym: Printable Booty Workout

Working the booty is always a great thing to do, plus it is great prep for the upcoming swimsuit season. Watch the video first then you can print out this printer friendly version to take with you to the gym.

(10 reps each leg)
Do's and Don'ts

  • Keep elbows directly under your knees
  • Start with your toes on the ground and your foot flexed
  • Do not allow your back to arch, just use the glute to lift your leg
  • Keep abs engaged - this exercise works your core too.
Donkey Kicks
(10 small pulses each leg)
Do's and Don'ts

  • Keep your knee pointed down towards the floor
  • Keep the motion small and concentrated
  • Use your abdominals to stabilize - pull them away from the floor

There's more, so

Charlie Chaplin
(20 pointed feet, 20 flexed)
Do's and Don'ts

  • Do 20 small clicks of the heels with toes pointed
  • Then do 20 small clicks of the heels with feet flexed
  • Keep knees straight and move from the upper inner thigh
  • Keep your abs up and lifted - your hand under your belly is there to remind you to pull the abs up and away from the floor
Bridge with Pulses
(10 small pulses)
Do's and Don'ts

  • Keep your legs parallel (try this with a small ball or pillow between your knees
  • Place your heels close to your pelvis to work the glutes more
Bridge with kicks
(5 reps each leg)
Do's and Don'ts

  • Work the glute of the foot that is in on the ground - this will help steady the pelvis
  • Don't lower just until it is even with the other knee - use control
  • Flex the foot as you lower the leg, reach through that heel

Raise the leg with a pointed foot
Squats on 3 Levels
(10 pulses on each level)
Do's and Don'ts

  • Really stick your booty out - DO NOT tuck your pelvis under
  • Feel like you are sitting back in a chair
  • You should be able to see your toes, because you are keeping your weight in your heels to fire up the glutes
  • Do ten squats, then lower your bum for 10 more, then go even lower for the last 10
  • For more details on squats - check out You Don't Know Squat
Plié Squats
(10 slow pulses)
Do's and Don'ts

  • Open your legs super wide, so when you bend your knees they are right over your toes
  • Spiral your thigh bones away from each other to open your knees - they should be in line with your big toe
  • Pulse up from your sits bones squeezing together
Pulsing Lunges
(10 pulses each leg)
Do's and Don'ts:

  • Ideally, both knees should be at 90 degrees
  • Do not push with the back leg, initiate the pulse from the glute of the front leg
  • Use weights to increase the difficulty of the exercise
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