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Take the Stairs at Work For Exercise

Minutes to a Healthier You: Make a Date With the Stairs

An easy strategy for staying fit and developing a healthy lifestyle is to always take the stairs. It's a great way to burn calories, build endurance, and strengthen the legs. But taking the stairs might not seem reasonable if you work on the 20th floor; or, on the flip side, maybe you don't encounter enough stairs in your daily routine. Yesterday, a friend cut our conversation short because, as she said, "I have a date with the stairs." She went on to say that on the days she misses her yoga class, she does laps between the three flights of stairs where she works for 10 minutes. I found her attitude completely inspiring. I usually take the stairs when faced with them but I've never thought to take a "stair break."

Leaving your desk to do some laps on the stairs is a great way to squeeze a small workout into your day. The next time you start zoning out, hit the stairs for about 10 minutes — you'll come back energized and will have burned about 60 calories! Taking the stairs also prolongs your life, reduces your risk for heart disease, and is easy on the wallet (significantly cheaper than a yoga class). You can also make it more challenging by being a two timer climber.

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