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Tall Workout Pants: C9 Pants by Champion

Get Your Butt in Gear: C9 Pants by Champion

Target lops another one out of the park as far as I am concerned with these C9 Pants by Champion (extended sizes).

Not only are they only $20, but they also come in, wait for it . . . tall sizes! Leggy gals rejoice. I cannot tell you how many emails I get asking about workout pants for tall girls and I've always steered them to the Victoria's Secret Fold Over Pant until now. These great workout pants are made from a comfortable jersey knit and they're slim through the hip and thigh while boot-cut at the ankle, which makes them flattering on most body types. Buy them here.

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SpinnieMinnie SpinnieMinnie 8 years
You are wrong in some cases - when the waist comes all the way up to our bralines, it doesn't matter how much you cut off the bottom - the pants don't fit! (Also many workout fabrics will unravel if cut and not hemmed and it is not free to have someone take them up if you don't have a sewing machine) Length is more than just the inseam. I do wish someone would make affordable petite sizes in workout pants - I love my Lucys, but the $60 price tag hurts a little.
cereal_please cereal_please 9 years
Correct me if I'm wrong, but petite girls can easily make their yoga pants shorter just by cutting the bottoms. If I were 5'2" I would definitely buy whatever fits and cut the excess off.. it wouldn't be that costly.
jrw1012 jrw1012 9 years
OMG I can't wait to get these!! I can never find workout pants that are long enough.
Have. Love.
TidalWave TidalWave 9 years
I bought these a couple months ago when all the C9 products were on sale. I really really like this line a lot! I bought these pants, and two long sleeve running shirts and haven't had any problems with either. They have held up with my running schedule, are comfortable and I do find them pretty stylish for cheapie running clothes.
mimi4ever mimi4ever 9 years
I have been in love with these pants for the last couple of months! I have 4 pairs of them always handy! They're super comfortable in and out of my yoga studio!
supercoolnat supercoolnat 9 years
Don't forget about us short girls. The only petite workout pants I've ever seen are $70-ish! Looks like these pants are available in some Short sizes too. Maybe I'll try it out.
missyd missyd 9 years
ARGHHHHHHHHHH they need a Target in Canada! *sniff*
mlmoreno47 mlmoreno47 9 years
I actually bought these today before I read the post and I have to admit, I'm not in love. Also they aren't on sale at my Target I paid almost $40 for them and I didn't find them comfortable. I had a pretty paranoid camel toe situation. I plan on taking them back.
cereal_please cereal_please 9 years
I loveee these! I'm 5'11" and they're barely long enough, but I can't complain :) It seems like your standard workout/yoga pants run in a 32" inseam which is definitely too short!
carhornsinapril carhornsinapril 9 years
XS in tall? hallelujah!
susanec susanec 9 years
They typically don't carry the whole range of sizes in the stores and I hate ordering online. If you sell an XS then just sell it.
aimeeb aimeeb 9 years
fitgirlFL fitgirlFL 9 years
I want to check these out. So many pants are too short on me and I end up looking so dorky. Plus, love the price on these! I just wonder though how well they hold up over time. Usually cheaper means they don't last as long.
karisaamy karisaamy 9 years
I'm running to Target now - thanks for the tip
superfoxml superfoxml 9 years
It's appreciated that you post lower cost athletic gear also, Fit! Thank you very much! :)
Swedeybebe Swedeybebe 9 years
They still aren't long enough for me, though. Same with the Victoria Secret pants. When is the rest of the world gonna figure out that 34" inseam isn't gonna cut it for tall girls? Give me 36", please!! If anyone knows of an athletic-wear company that has inseams of 36", PLEASE- let me know! :)
DreaAST DreaAST 9 years
i have a pair of pants similiar to this from bebe and i love them!
cvandoorn cvandoorn 9 years
I don't really find them comfortable or flattering...i'm sticking to Nike and Lululemon. Their tops also fit weird...its like i'm inbetween sizes with them.
briannaNicole briannaNicole 9 years
I already bought two pairs, LOVE these pants!!
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