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Is Teff Gluten-Free?

If You Follow a Gluten-Free Diet, It's Time to Try Teff

We all love quinoa, but let's admit it: we're looking for a new grain to experiment with. We love the ancient grain farro, but, being a precursor to modern-day wheat, it contains gluten. This is where the gluten-free grain teff comes into play, or rather, onto the plate.

This tiny and ancient grain hails from Ethiopia and has been eaten there for centuries. Teff flour is used to make injera, the spongy bread that's a staple of Ethiopian cuisine. And the flour is versatile; it can be used for baking all sorts of dishes, both savory and sweet. As a whole grain, it makes a lovely porridge with a polenta-like consistency. But how does it stack up against our other favorites? Check out the chart below:

1/4 cup dry Calories Fat (g) Carbs (g) Fiber (g) Protein (g) Calcium (mg)
Quinoa 156 2.6 27.3 3 6 20
Farro 170 0 33 3 7 40
Teff 180 0 37 4 7 100

I would say teff can hold its own with farro and quinoa. Plus, holy calcium! This is the grain to try if you don't eat dairy and are looking for ways to incorporate the bone-building mineral into your diet. Bob's Red Mill carries both whole grain teff and teff flour and offers many recipe suggestions for baking and cooking with both.

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