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Due to the nice weather, summer may be the time where you actually get out and and get moving. However, along with summer comes some culprits for sabotaging you efforts at staying healthy. has identified the top ten most notorious culprits:

AIR CONDITIONING: When eating out, consider sitting on a patio rather than in a cool restaurant. You'll be less likely to order a calorie-laden special of the day like lasagna while outdoors but while dining inside a cool eatery, it might be appealing.

BARBECUES: Hamburgers, hot dogs and big hunks of meat are traditional barbecue offerings potentially providing an excess of fat and calories. And these days, because of the ease of firing up a gas grill, barbecues can often be a daily occurrence. Raise the nutritional quotient by including plenty of grilled vegetables or barbecuing some fish on a regular basis.

BEER: While drinking beer on a hot day is not a new activity, it's the amounts consumed that may affect health. Research shows that in excess, the beverage may really contribute to a beer belly and it's this location where fat raises disease risks.

COOLERS: Mixed drinks and bottled coolers can pack a mighty caloric wallop. A couple of servings can set you back about 500 calories. Alternatively, the same amount of alcohol combined with soda water or a diet mixer is less than half the total.

ICED COFFEE BEVERAGES: These popular beverages may seem just a little richer than a cooling iced latte made with low-fat milk. But at 500 calories a pop for some offering topped with whipped cream, the caloric totals can surpass those you might consumer at a meal.

Ice cream, salads and social events made the list too, so

ICE CREAM: This summertime favorite has been transformed over the years from a scoop containing moderate amounts of fat to la creme de la creme varieties packed into large waffle cones that could feed a family of four. The same goes for some ice cream novelties that are akin to butter and sugar on a stick.

SALADS: A bowl of veggies tossed with a little dressing used to be a light dish. These days, you can find numerous gargantuan offerings that have been drowned in a sea of oil. Instead, ask for the salad to be dressed lightly or by having the dressing on the side.

SOCIAL EVENTS: It's summertime and the livin' is easy -- the time of year for entertaining and being entertained. And unlike in the winter, catching up with friends happens right through the week. And as the activities likely will involve food and drink, recognize how often it's happening and pace yourself.

SWIMMING: With the popularity of backyard and community pools along with cottages on lakes, swimming has never been more popular. But if the water's cold, appetites can be revved. If so, go for lots of low-cal fillers as an appetite-taming measure.

SUMMER HOLIDAYS: Add in vacations and summertime can turn into a longer festive season than the holiday period during December. Try to build in some physical activity in your vacation pursuits to balance out the decadent delights.


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