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dandywolves dandywolves 5 years
These pictures have nothing to do with fitness-- They all portray "successful", dominant, strong men, and rail thin women in submissive poses, as props. No different from advertising used for clothing, perfume, or any other product. I'll acknowledge that the women shown are in fact fit, but they strike me initially as thin and weak before I notice their muscle definition. These ads also show only ONE body type, and fitness looks different on a variety of people. I would like to see advertisements portraying real women as strong and capable. Even this arm-wrestling scene just looks sexual.
tinyxl tinyxl 5 years
The shots are wonderful. The ultimate goals of being fit (for most) are to feel good and look good...a lot of the benefits people receive from exercise are in the mind and outside the gym. If the shots were of people exercising or "getting fit" or whatever, I wouldn't find the images inspiring. Plus, these have a bit of humor to them, so that's always nice.
SarahStar85 SarahStar85 5 years
What does any of those pictures have to do with a fitness center? I'm sorry, but those pictures, they don't work.
Gabriela-Une-Vie-Saine Gabriela-Une-Vie-Saine 5 years
I belong to Equinox in NYC and there I don't think it's over the top, but when I was at the Palo Alto location last month it seemed a little out of place amidst all the moms. It's definitely targeted towards a certain demographic, but I'm not sure that that's always the demographic that's actually using their gym.
Chichi-Kix Chichi-Kix 5 years
Gorgeous pics.... that have NOTHING to do with fitness. On their own, I would never have guessed that they are tied to a fitness studio (aside from the Man Candy in the library, muscles seem to be nowhere to be found). It leaves me feeling like the studio is trying too hard, or are trying to sell me a lifestyle whereby no one seems to be making much use of their fitness (though they seem to be getting a lot of use out of posing their bodies). I mean, can't the girl ride her own bike, lol? It's a bit of a put off actually. There are far too many ads like these around to make them stand out, and if anything it makes me feel less confident about signing up to a gym who chose not to emphasize fitness in their ad campaign. Strange. Off target.
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