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Things That Make Allergies Worse

Everyday Activities That Make Your Allergies Worse

Most of us are psyched for warmer weather, but allergy sufferers are cursing runny noses, congestion, red eyes, and itchy throats. You may not realize it, but here are the everyday things that can aggravate your symptoms.

  • Exercising outside is a no-brainer when temps start going up, but not so for those allergic to pollen. If you can't bear to skip outdoor workouts, try to exercise early in the morning when pollen counts are lowest. If you decide to exercise outside, be sure to wash your clothes to get rid of pollen and take a shower to rinse allergens out of your hair. If your allergies are really bad, invest in a gym membership or equipment for your home gym — exercising in the AC will make you breathe much easier.
  • Opening the window to get some fresh air? Don't you dare. Pollen and other allergens blow in where they come in contact with your eyes and nose. Keep the windows in your home, office, and car closed, and definitely don't use a window fan. If you're hot, turn up the air-conditioning.

Keep reading to find out other common things you're doing that can worsen allergies.

  • Picking up a fresh bouquet at the local florist can brighten just about anyone's day, except if you're allergic to pollen. Save your money and your face and decorate your kitchen table with a bowl of lemons instead.
  • Your floor needs cleaning every day, it seems, but don't reach for a broom — you'll just push dust into the air, making you sneeze and reach for the tissues. To clean your floor, use a vacuum with a HEPA filter, or go for a mop instead.
  • It's hard to turn away from a waggly dog who's excited to see you, but if Fido's recently been outside, petting the fur is sure to send you into an allergy attack.
  • On days when your allergies are really bad, skip the contacts and opt for glasses instead. Allergens can stick to your lenses, and when they constantly rub against your eyes, you'll end up itching and watering.
  • Kicking back with a cold one? Find another way to de-stress after work since drinking alcohol has been shown to worsen allergy symptoms.
  • Most people shower first thing in the morning, but if you notice your seasonal allergy symptoms are worse at night, it might be the allergens your hair has collected throughout the day. A quick rinse should help alleviate the problem.
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