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Things to Think About When Buying Athletic Shoes

So you need to buy a new pair of sneakers for running, or maybe for soccer. Regardless of what activity you need the shoes for, here are some things to think about for choosing the best pair of sneakers:

  • Wear the appropriate shoes for the appropriate activity. If you're going to be running, it's not in your best interests to wear tennis sneakers. Even if the tennis shoe is cuter.
  • Get your foot measured. Our shoe sizes change over time, so make sure to have your foot measured from time to time.
  • Due to normal swelling in your feet throughout the day, shop for your shoes in the afternoon.
  • Leave the idea that you need to break a shoe in at home. If your athletic shoe does not feel comfortable in the store, don't buy it.
  • Shop around. There are lots of shoes to choose from and the first one you try may not always be the best even if it feels OK.
  • Take your own socks, the ones that you would wear with those shoes on your own.
  • Unfortunately, when it comes to athletic shoes you pay for what you get. So don't be afraid to pay a little extra for a nice pair of shoes.


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