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Healthy Recipes
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Those Sneaky Little Fast Food Places...

As you know already, NYC has imposed a new rule that requires eateries to list calorie counts on their menu boards, right next to the price. However, health officials noted that the regulation would only apply to restaurants that already make calorie information available voluntarily.

It is being reported that in light of this new legislation, three major players in the fast food industry - Wendy's, White Castle and Quiznos - have pulled nutritional information from some restaurants or from their Web sites in order to avoid having to list the caloric info. Wendy's pulled all caloric information from posters and fliers at its New York eateries. Quiznos and White Castle deactivated the pages on their Web site that offered all types of nutritional information.

To me, it just doesn't seem right. I can understand that the eateries saw a way around the rule (which has been criticized for being misguided) and went for it, but still, play nice already.

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