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Three-Day Spring Detox Menu

A 3-Day Spring-Cleaning Detox

The following post was written by Teresa Howes, who blogs at Eat, Drink, & Be Skinny! and is part of POPSUGAR Select Fitness.

You know your closet is ready for Spring cleaning, but what about your body? Why is it that we always think of Spring cleaning in terms of going through our closets? We toss out all of our no longer stylish, necessary, or wanted items of clothing that we use to cover our bodies — but we don't always think about doing the same for what we put inside our bodies.

Life is a toxic process, one way or another. Even the cleanest of lifestyles leaves its residue, and to be honest, we can't always live that clean of a lifestyle after all. A refined sugary pastry, saturated fatty pizza, or deliciously intoxicating cocktail is bound to sneak in every once in a while. The occasional treat is most certainly understood and easy to forgive as long as you remember to take care and clean up your diet every so often.


What Is the Perfect Detox Combo?
As the lead writer at Eat, Drink, & Be Skinny! and the creator of The Color Yourself Skinny 21-Day Diet Detox, I know a thing or two about clean eating. In the process of all of this, I have developed a three-day detox that gives your body a bit of a rest, lets you shed a few pounds of "fluff," and gets you ready to jump back into your skinny jeans.

Why Juice Detoxes Are Tough
I'm not a fan of your traditional juice detox only because I can't handle the obnoxiously reduced level of calories. I also like to make sure I get in enough protein and fiber so that I don't throw my body too far out of whack while I detox my well-enjoyed retox. This three-day Spring-cleaning detox has been a big hit because:

  • It isn't too low in calories.
  • It still has enough protein, fat, and fiber to fill satisfied and nourished.
  • You don't have to think about food for three full days.
  • Most importantly, it cleans you out, and lightens you up from the inside out!

With all that said, here are the keys to success for three-day detox:

Raw juice: Yes, supercharged with vitamins, minerals, and phytochemical power. Fresh juice has bioavailability that can't be matched and as you're letting your body rest, you need to make it easy for the nutrition to get in. Juice is the best way to do that. You will have three per day.

Protein shakes: You need protein to build a stronger body, especially if you plan to exercise during your detox. Using a protein powder that plant based and free of artificial sweeteners and colors can help clean out your body and maintain strong tissue at the same time. Look for something that has 20 to 30 grams of protein per serving and toss it in the blender with fresh fruit, flax or chia seeds and any of your other favorite super foods. You will have two per day.

Vegetable puree soup: This is where your fiber comes in. A cauliflower puree soup can provide 25 grams of fiber and be incredibly satisfying. Just chop up and boil a large cauliflower for 20 minutes. Drop in the blender with spicy mustard, two cups of fresh spinach, a few cloves of raw garlic and some of the water you used to boil the cauliflower in and you are done. You will have one of these per day.

Lots and lots of water: As your body starts to clean itself out, your cells will release toxins. You want to give them a vehicle to get out so you don't simply reabsorb them. Aim to have about 0.5 to one ounce for every pound you weigh. If you weigh 130 pounds, you want at least 65 ounces and you'll be better off with 130 ounces during your detox. Add some lemon or lime for an extra alkalizing affect on your body.

Hot yoga and the steam room: Letting your body sweat is another great way to get the toxins out. Jump in a hot yoga class or the steam room to turn your body into a sponge that is being wrung out over the sink! And remember to replace those lost fluids with more fresh water.

Sample Menu For Three-Day Detox

  • Wake up: Raw juice
  • Midmorning: Protein shake
  • Early afternoon: Raw juice
  • Lunch: Vegetable soup
  • Midafternoon: Protein shake
  • Early evening: Raw juice
  • Before bed: Herbal tea

*Make sure you are drinking 8 to12 ounces of water just about every hour.

**The calories and nutrition will vary depending on your juice, smoothie, and soup choices, but you should be eating about 1,200 calories, 40 to 60 grams protein, and 30 grams fiber.

Remember how good it feels to see your closet cleaned out? Full of only your favorite fashions, absolute must-have accessories and plenty of empty, clean, and clear space? Get ready for the same feeling for your body after your Spring-cleaning detox!

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