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Three Push-Up Variations

Weekend Workout: Push-Up Variations

Who doesn't want sexy, sculpted arms, shoulders, and an upper back they're proud to bare? Push-ups are one exercise sure to give you the results you're after. Although basic push-ups are effective, there's no need to keep it simple. Try these three variations to work your upper body in new and challenging ways. If these push-ups are too difficult to do with your legs straight, rest your knees on the floor. Each of these exercises works one side at a time. Complete 10 reps of each variation (five on each side) for a total of 30 push-ups.

Elevated Push-Up

One Elbow In, One Elbow Out

Spider-Man Push-Up

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yougotmefriend yougotmefriend 6 years
Can anyone else just NOT DO push ups? I really struggle with them. I can do girly ones on my knees. I do upper arm strength work outs and change my routine, look around for the best combinations of work outs but I still cannot do them!!!!!!
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