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Do You Obey Time Limits on the Treadmill?

When I worked from home, I'd take a late morning break to join my workout buddy at the gym. It was a great time to go because the cardio machines were never full and there never was a wait.

These days when I go peak times I sometimes have to wait to hop on a treadmill. So when it's my turn and the gym is super busy I make sure I don't overstay my welcome and stick to the 30-minute rule. But I admit that although I usually keep my cardio workout close to the half-hour mark, I don't always keep the keenest eye on the time if the people for waiting for machines are out of my line of sight. Do you get off when your time's up?

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RunningOnCoffee RunningOnCoffee 6 years
If I want a longer run, I'll go during non-peak hours. I.e. over the summer when it was in the 90s and too hot to do interval work outside; I went to the gym at 10am or 1pm so I was missing lunch hour. During off-peak times, there is no wait, so I stay on as long as I need to for my workout. During peak times, I'll get off at 30 min if I see all the treadmills are full (especially if I've been on the longest).
tigr3bianca tigr3bianca 6 years
If I want a long run, I'll run outside or I'll switch from treadmill to bike or elliptical. I know what its like to get to the gym and there's not a single piece of equipment available, even after waiting 10 minutes.
Zulkey Zulkey 6 years
when I was training for my 10 mile race I would reset the treadmill to go past the hour limit but there was never anyone waiting for a treadmill. That would be beyond rude, to knowingly make people wait once your time is up--getting all geared up to go to the gym just to stand around and wait is the worst.
amber512 amber512 6 years
Luckily I never have to worry about how long I'm on a machine. I try to go at less-busy times.
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