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Tinted Contact Lenses

Nike Maxsight Contact Lenses

You wouldn't dream of spending the day in the sun without lathering up on sunscreen, but protecting your eyes against damaging UV rays is also an absolute must. Sunglasses that offer UV protection certainly do the job but when your face gets all sweaty, fogged-up lenses mean you have to stop what you're doing to wipe them off. A sweaty face also makes the frames more likely to slip off and break or wind can whip them off into a watery grave when you're water skiing — ba-bye $200 pair of sunglasses.

Nike Maxsight, fully tinted soft contact lens, were created to solve this issue and I tested out a pair in 2007. They just look like really dark contact lenses, like ones you'd get for Halloween. I put a Nike Maxsight contact lens next to my regular contact lens so you can see the difference. With normal lighting, my eyes didn't turn into alien eyes — they just looked really dark. These are the grey-green color, although they look kind of brown in my eyes.

I have to say I loved them. It did take a few minutes for my eyes to adjust, but it felt like I was wearing polarized sunglasses. They blocked out the sun and I had crystal clear vision.

Unfortunately, Nike has since discontinued Maxsight tinted lenses. But if you're intrigued and want to try out a pair, keep reading to learn about another company who started making them.

Marietta offers sport tint contacts for all your sunny exercise needs. These tinted lenses come in six colors — Amber, Sun Tac (dark brown), Bolle Blue, Yellow, Grey Green, and Green. They offer the same UV protection as sunglasses without the frames. You can choose whether you want the full iris covered or just the pupil. Order them with or without a prescription, and at $99 per lens, they're comparable in price to higher end or prescription sunglasses. This glare-free option is perfect for Summer sports like soccer, golf, and surfing, but also work great in the Winter when hitting the slopes.

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