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One weight loss tool that is known to work is food journaling. Keeping track of what you eat is a surefire way not to overdo it at meals or snack time. I just found a tiny, inconspicuous food journal by PicoPad ($3.99) that will fit into any wallet. This means dudes can use it too.

Sized like a credit card, the food journal comes with two two-week inserts and a tiny pen, so no matter where you are, you can keep track of your food intake. It also comes with a handy checklist for water as well as fruit and veggie consumption. You can use the journal to keep track of your exercise too. Since it has two columns, one for calories in and one for calories out, you can tally your total consumption at the end of the day. I tried it for a week and found it really helpful. I learned that I was seriously slacking on eating at least five fruits and veggies a day.

You can buy a three-pack for this tiny, inconspicuous food journal Amazon for $10; that's 12 weeks worth of food journaling. Or you can always download mine for free.

To see inside the food journal,


rivekkah rivekkah 7 years
I like it! I haven't found an app that I really like for my Blackberry. This would be a nice alternative.
redsilkshoes redsilkshoes 8 years
I prefer Lose It on my Touch. Best ever.
aimeeb aimeeb 8 years
Cute idea but I find it easier to jot it on a piece of paer and then log it on :)
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