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Tips For Choosing a Doctor

Health Tip: Pick a Doctor Who's a Peer

The April issue of Esquire features a Q and A with Dr. Mehmet Oz called "The Lightning Round" — as in, if you had the good doctor cornered at a party, what burning questions would you ask him? One of the questions was: What's the single most important thing to look for in a doctor? Dr. Oz's answer: Choose a doctor like you, or who treats other people like you.

Obviously there are other considerations, like which doctors are nearby and covered by your insurance. But a physician who treats other patients in your age range will be well-versed in the issues you might face. Even better, Oz adds, "you want your doctor to be around your age or younger (unless you're 17). That way you can have a doctor for life, and that continuity is a big help in diagnosing and predicting problems as you age."

I definitely appreciate that my doctor treats other patients around my same age, so this seems like a smart idea. What do you think? Is your doc in your peer group?


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