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Spring is in the air and unfortunately so is pollen. The warm weather inspires me to exercise outside, but it can also inspire an allergy attack. If you have seasonal allergies check out these tips when it comes to exercise.

  • If you've got seasonal allergies, be aware of the pollen count outside. Usually, pollen counts are highest on warm, dry, and breezy mornings and lowest on rainy, cooler days. If it's high, try exercising indoors. Avoid inhaling that irritating pollen as much as you can.
  • Use a neti pot before and after exercising to get rid of dust, pollen, and mucus from your nose.
  • Take your allergy medicine as directed. You may even benefit from using eye drops that contain antihistamine.
  • If your allergies have made you completely congested, do some heat-building exercise like running or Ashtanga yoga. Getting hot will help thin out the mucus making it easier to get rid of.
  • Pay close attention to your symptoms. If you feel them getting worse while exercising, slow down your pace, or stop altogether if you need to.


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