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Tips For Exercising in Cold Weather

Cold Weather Tips For Exercising, Indoors and Out

Winter is on the horizon, but no need to hibernate. Exercising outdoors can be done safely if you take a few precautions, and studies have shown that our bodies don't perform as badly in the crisp Winter air as we may think. But even if the thought of even attempting to go outside has you running for your Pilates DVD, here are some ways to make your Winter exercising as safe as possible.

  • Warming up is important, especially if you're going to exercise in the elements, and even if you just have to brave them to get to yoga class. Make sure you combat cold muscles with a quick 5- or 10-minute warm-up to prevent injury and soreness.
  • When exercising indoors, make sure you bring a thick sweatshirt and other protective clothing if you're going out afterward and not showering, especially if you've been sweating. After an especially sweaty yoga session, it's a good idea to bring a change of clothes for your commute back home after class.
  • If you do shower at the gym, throw a travel hair dryer into your gym bag if your gym doesn't provide one.
  • Stock up on protective gear if you bike or run outdoors. Keep your head warm with a hat and those extremities covered with gloves or booties to prevent frostbite, but don't overdress the rest of your body so much that you'll sweat too profusely.

Have any more cold weather tips?

Source: Flickr User AndyArmstrong

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24Savvy 24Savvy 6 years
These tips will totally keep our fitness spirit alive, even in the dead of winter. We loved them so much - we featured you on our site! Check it out: Maggie 24/Savvy Team
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