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Healthy Recipes
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Tips For Exercising Outdoors During Allergy Season

I've been talking a lot about allergies because they seem to be hitting everyone especially bad right now and nothing can kill a good workout like a sneezing fit. Trust me, I proved this theory true on Saturday. Allergies do not need to keep you from working out all together, you just may need to tweak your plan to work around your allergies. Here are a few ideas:

  • Avoid morning workouts. Allergens peak from 5-10 a.m. to noon, which means if you're a morning exerciser you may want to hold off until later in the day.
  • If the rain rolls in, that doesn't mean you have to head to the gym. In fact, rain washes away some of the pollen, which means that one of the best times for an allergy sufferer to work out outdoors is right after it rains.
  • Avoid exercising in places where the pollen is at its greatest (i.e. parks, fields, trails, etc.) and stick to places that have a lower pollen counts (i.e. beaches, gyms, basketball or tennis courts, etc.).

If all else fails, hit the gym. Don't let a little pollen stop you on your quest for health!


Renees3 Renees3 9 years
The only thing I've been having is itchy eyes. I can't workout outdoors anyway (it's been 100 here) but if I do run outside it's Early in the morning. I just wish my damn eyes would stop itching!
moonlite moonlite 9 years
I second the neti pot suggestion, tiffsniff. I had this pain in my sinuses for two weeks straight that I thought was a headache, until I heard about using a neti pot. I decided to try it and the first time I did, my headache was GONE! I guess it was just a problem in my sinuses that got flushed out. I've been using it once every couple of days for the last 2 weeks, but supposedly you can do it safely 1-2 times per day. I got mine from Walgreens and it comes with the premixed solution so I don't have to measure the salt or anything. I would highly recommend it!
aimeeb aimeeb 9 years
Thank god I don't have allergies...
tiffsniff tiffsniff 9 years
I recently starting flushing my sinuese (like with a Neti pot) and have noticed a HUGE difference in both my allergies and my exercise-induced asthma. My friends are all developing head colds and infections right now, and I've been running 2-3 miles every day with no problems! I highly recommend it.
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