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Now that the weather is warming up, I'm sure many of you are excited to get back outside with your workouts. Walking, jogging, and riding your bike in the woods can be both physically challenging and emotionally releasing at the same time, so it's a favorite exercise spot for many. There are only a few things you need to consider when cruising along woodland trails.

  • Check your equipment before heading out. Make sure your laces are tied tight so they won't come undone or get caught on an errant stick or aggressive root. If you're biking, check your tire pressure, gears, and brakes.
  • If you can, exercise with a buddy. A dog is great, but a human is even better because unless you're exercising with Lassie, if you happen to trip and get hurt, you'll need your friend to go get help.

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  • Keep a cell phone on you for emergencies. Also bring along an ID that has your name, address, and the phone number of an emergency contact.
  • Forget about listening to music while in the woods. You want to be extra alert to sounds around you so you can hear a strange dog or another person if they're coming close. Also, the peaceful sound of the birds and rustling leaves is really calming.
  • If the grass or shrubs are high, wear long pants and taller socks so that your skin is protected from ticks. Gaiters may be a good idea, especially if the ground is muddy or full of puddles.
  • Carry mace with you in case you're faced with a wild animal that attacks you. I know this may seem a little overkill, but depending on where you live, a bear, fox, wild dog, or mountain lion could be lurking anywhere.


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