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Tips to Feel Thinner

5 Tips to Feel Slimmer by Tomorrow

Sometimes — especially during bikini season — plans come up at the last minute, and you wish you could feel thinner in a snap. While there aren't any instant fixes, there are definitely a few ways to feel leaner fast. If you're hoping to get slim quickly, then follow these five steps to feel better by tomorrow:

  1. Skip the salt: If you feel like you're retaining water, then avoid that puffy, bloated feeling by steering clear of the salt shaker. Try these tips to cut down on salt, and choose seasonal foods that naturally detox. That swollen sensation will be gone in no time.
  2. Catch plenty of Z's: If you're tired and dragging, then you won't have the drive to exercise. Sleep deprivation also stimulates the appetite — ever noticed that you eat more when you're worn out? Avoid an unnecessary binge and stay energized by crawling into bed a bit earlier and getting a good night's rest. To help you have a restful night, check out these tips for getting quality sleep.
  3. Get moving: A good sweat session can definitely help your body detox, but on top of the physical benefits, there's the immediate post-workout confidence boost. Whether it's a quick 20-minute elliptical workout or a long jog, fitting in some exercise is a surefire way to feel leaner.
  4. Sip some H2O: Water does wonders to beat belly bloat, so swap out sodas and sports drinks for a tall glass of H20. For extra flavor, try detoxifying additions like lemon, cucumber, and fresh mint to slim down without sacrificing calories.
  5. Cook at home: When you dine out, it's tough to know exactly what's on your plate — not to mention the heaping portion sizes. Do your body a favor by stepping into your kitchen for a home-cooked meal instead. Try one of these detoxing recipes that beat bloat and get you back on track.

— Additional reporting by Emily Bibb

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