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Tips From Celebrity Trainers

One way that celebrities get to look the way they do is with personal trainers who have earned a bit of a celebrity title themselves. The back of their heads (i.e. Harley Pasternak training Sophia Bush pictured below) are always seen on PopSugar, so it's no wonder they are making a name for themselves based on the big names they work with.

CNN recently spoke with five celebrity trainers and they gave their own insights along with tips for us non-celebrity folk. So here are highlights I thought you would enjoy:

Valerie Waters
Worked With: Kate Beckinsale and Cindy Crawford
Tip: "Don't be afraid of weights. They're the quickest way to change your body"

Gunnar Peterson
Worked With: Jennifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie and Matthew McConaughey
Tip: "Get on a regular routine. Exercise should be a cornerstone of your life, like brushing your teeth. It's not even an option to blow it off."

For tips from trainers who've worked with Christina Aguilera and Reese Witherspoon just

Ashley Borden
Worked With: Mandy Moore and Christina Aguilera
Tip: Take care of the arches in your feet. "When your arches collapse, your knees rotate inward, and your hips rotate outward giving you a saddlebag appearance. It then pulls your sternum down, it pulls your neck forward, and everything collapses." She suggests orthotics and mio-fascial release to combat chronic pain and posture problems.

Michael George
Worked With: Reese Witherspoon and Tobey Maguire
Tip: Don't wait too long to integrate a healthy diet and consistent exercise into your days. "I've seen a lot of people come to me when it's a little bit too late," he said, "I've had [clients] pass away due to illnesses, cancer, heart disease, whatever it may be. The time is now. If you don't put your health first you're never really going to truly be happy."

Bob Greene
Worked With: Oprah
Tip: "First thing is, know what you want," Greene said. He said a lot of people want to work out because it's "in" or they know they should be doing it, but don't have a specific goal. "Know the reason you are making these changes in your habits, what is it you really want to achieve." He also said most people need to do both weight training and cardio.


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