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Tips For Going to Your First Gym Class

New Exercise, New You: Ways to Make Your First Class Easier

Getting back into the swing of fitness can be fun and motivating, especially if you're trying a new spot. As exciting as it is, however, trying a new class can also be nerve-racking. Decrease your stress by planning ahead to ensure that your first go at it runs smoothly. These tips are easy and can change your gym experience from just OK to feeling great.

  • Sign up online: Fill out any personal information on injuries, emergency contact, and contact info online to speed up the process when you arrive. By paying online, you can also reserve your spot in the class, a must for this busy time of the year.
  • Arrive early: Don't underestimate your time frame, especially when you're going to a new place. All types of factors such as traffic, parking, and finding the location can add extra time to your arrival. Getting to the location early is also important because it gives your instructor time to introduce themselves and show you around the place.
  • Bring your own water: Although most places provide water, they may not provide cups. Ensure your hydration by bringing your own container. Some places even charge for water, and in this case they take cash; don't leave yourself feeling parched in a new class that might exert you more than you expected.
  • Check the website: Websites can be useful for any newcomer, and not just to check the schedule. Browse the company's site for questions on what to wear and find out if you need equipment or not. If it doesn't have a website, look in a search engine like Yelp or call the studio directly.
  • Plan your transportation: Although planning your outfit is important, it's easy to forget to plan your method of transportation. Look up the location on a map and see how easily accessible it is. If you need three bus routes to get there, you should probably plan ahead. Even if you have your own car to get there, parking can get tricky. Call to see if you'll need quarters for metered parking or if there is a garage close by.
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