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Healthy Habits of a Smart Snacker

If you regularly get the munchies between meals, but can't seem to quit the afternoon cupcake habit, it's time to make over your snack routine. Whether you're into midday treats or late-night noshing, here are five simple ways to improve your snack selections:

Be a Savvy Shopper
How and when you navigate the grocery store can have a major impact on your eating habits. Bring a full grocery list and shop soon after you've eaten. If you head out when you're hungry, you'll end up grabbing unhealthy foods you'd otherwise avoid. Here are five healthy grocery shopping tips to follow.

Contemplate Your Kitchen Arrangements
If the potato chips are out on the counter and fruit is hidden in the fridge, guess what you'll reach for? Make it easy on yourself by keeping healthier snacks in an easy-to-reach place. When it comes to more indulgent picks, stow them away in a drawer or on a higher shelf. That way, you'll have to make a conscious effort to grab them, which means an extra second or two to consider your options. Learn how to organize your kitchen for healthy eating here.

More healthy snack tips after the break!

Plan Ahead
When you're on the go, you're likely to snatch up whichever snack is most convenient. Rather than stopping for unhealthy picks on the street, make sure that you always have a healthy choice on hand. Keep protein-packed energy bars or a small bag of nuts in your purse so that you're never forced to go with an unhealthy on-the-go option.


Consider Serving Sizes
Who hasn't reached for a tortilla chip only to realize they've suddenly finished the bag? Divide party-size snacks into the appropriate serving size and store the portions in sandwich bags. If that seems like too much work, make it a habit to pour a single serving for yourself whenever possible. Here are simple tips for practicing portion control.

Acknowledge Your Cravings
Can't stop daydreaming about ice cream? Don't try to suppress it. Instead, see if you can come up with a diet-friendly alternative that'll satisfy the craving — something with a similar taste or texture, like sorbet. If that doesn't cut it, indulge in the real thing, but stick to a smaller portion to sidestep any guilt.

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