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Tips on How to Choose a Diet That Works For You

Shopping For a Diet?

If you made a resolution to lose weight in 2008 (that rhymes and sounds like a cheer – yay), it might just help to pick a diet plan since just trying to "eat healthy" might not provide enough structure. For success, you need to find a diet that fits you. The first question you should ask yourself when selecting a plan is will the diet work for you. Ask yourself if the eating plan is something you could adhere to for the rest of your life. If giving up apples forever seems like hogwash, then the Atkins diet is clearly not for you. It is not that you will be dieting forever, but diets really do need to be complete lifestyle changes if you are going to be able to keep the weight off after you have lost the pounds.

Another question to ask is if the "diet" fits your budget. If you have to spend money to attend motivational sessions or buy prepared foods, you may start to resent the fact that the diet is eating a hole in your pocket book. This in turn will set you up for failure. So avoid plans that require you buy branded food. It is cheaper to make your own meals, plus more sustainable in the long run.

When looking at different diets keep in the forefront of your mind that to lose weight, in a healthy manner, you need to eat fewer calories than you expend. The amount of calories you burn throughout the day needs to be more than the amount of calories you eat. There is no magic pill, cream, or salve that will take the weight off for you. Another detail to remember is that you shouldn't lose more than two pounds a week. The slower the weight comes off, the easier it is to keep off. To put it bluntly, avoid fad diets that promise dropping ten pounds in a week. You might lose extreme weight with their plan, but chances are high you will be losing only water weight and muscle. You don't want to lose muscle since it fires up your metabolism (helps you burn more calories a day); you want to lose fat.

Looking for some specific diet tips? Check out these helpful tips for your journey into "lifestyle change."


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