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Your Tricks on How to Avoid Overeating This Fourth of July

Oh how I love all things grilled, and this Fourth of July, I'm looking forward to all my barbecue faves — potato salad, grilled corn on the cob, chicken kabobs, and my Gramma's famous macaroni salad. Two-time Olympic gold medalist Kerri Walsh shared her tips for surviving the upcoming festivities of the holiday weekend, and here are your suggestions on how to avoid overeating at this weekend's barbecue.

  • "Don't go to a bbq when you're starving! Eat something light beforehand so that when you go you don't want to eat everything in sight. If there's salad or fruit, stock up on that big time to avoid overeating the bad stuff (i.e. macaroni salad, potato salad, etc.)." — rdr716
  • Zulkey says, "This might not help all the time but I was the designated driver on Memorial Day which meant I drank way less which meant I was much less uninhibited which I think made me eat less. I still ate a lot but I think it made a difference!"
  • "I take small portions of everything I want to try, eat until I'm full and then stop. Oh, also, strike up a conversation with someone chatty in a room with no food!" — onlysourcherry

For other helpful tips,


  • "How about wearing something that's pretty and rather fitted to your body that you'll be pretty self-aware that gorging will make you look bloated. Oh and another trick I do to get fuller is to have a glass of water after a couple bites. I will sip my water and keep on sipping, you'll get full faster." — nevaeh1978
  • Spectra says, "I usually don't make BBQ food my main meal; I either eat something healthy before I go or when I get back. When I'm at the actual BBQ, I'll bring fresh veggies to grill and/or a fresh fruit salad to pass so I have something healthy to nosh on while everyone else loads up on burgers and brats. I also don't drink anything but water or diet soda while I'm there so I don't lose my inhibitions and get tempted to eat a ton of junk."

We can always use more suggestions, so if you have other helpful tricks up your sleeve, please share them in the comments section below.

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GirlOverboard GirlOverboard 7 years
Amen to that, Niami! While I'm going to a BBQ on the 4th, I'm going on a bike ride in the morning/noon and a hike the day before, so I'll be sticking to chicken for protein and veggies. However, my birthday is coming up and instead of having a party with booze and bad food, I'm thinking I'll be doing a birthday hike instead. :)
Niami Niami 7 years
It's really easy to avoid overeating, I'm not going anywhere other than out on a hike.
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