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Tips to Keep From Grinding Teeth

Stop the Chomp: Tips to Quit Grinding Teeth

I don't like going to the dentist for many reasons. Aside from the prodding and scraping, I shutter when my dentist asks, "Have you been grinding your teeth?" While I'd love to shake my head and look at her like she's lost her mind, we both know that yours truly has taken to grinding my teeth on occasion. While getting a bite guard is the most often prescribed treatment for bruxism (that's the fancy medical term for grinding your teeth), there are a few other things that one can do to keep from clenching their way through the night.

To keep me from cracking my teeth into a bacterial oblivion, my dentist passed on some pointers to me that I'm happy to share with you. Want to check the suggestions out?

  • Lay off the caffeine. It can get you hyper and worked up before bedtime when you should be relaxed and calm.
  • Say no to gum. Since chewing gum mimics the grinding motion you might make when sleeping, encourage your jaw and teeth to get back in the groove during sleeping hours by giving gum up.
  • Engage in meditation before hitting the sheets. It can relax your whole body — right down to your jaw.
  • Unwind. Read a book or take a bath to de-stress before bedtime.
  • Get a professional bite guard to protect the teeth from each other.

Do you have any pointers to share with us? Please share in the comments section below!

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