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Tips For Living Healthy in Moderation

Sneak in a Little Diet and Fitness With These Easy Tips

A healthy lifestyle isn't just about how many miles you've logged on the trails or how many cookies you didn't eat this week. It's also all the small choices you make that add up to big results. Want to sneak in a few saved calories or extra exercise? Here are three easy ways to sneak in a little dieting or fitness.

Save a few calories, here and there: Living a healthy lifestyle doesn't mean perpetually being on a diet. Whether you live by your cheat days or give yourself a few treats a day, you can always benefit from shaving a few calories here or there. To save calories with only a little thought, make a few, but still tasty substitutions, like nixing mayo for yogurt, getting the sauce on the side, or grilling instead of sautéing meats. Here are more ways to shave calories at every meal.

Walk a little (it adds up): Vigorous exercise may be the most effective type of workout for weight loss, but don't knock those little things you should be doing to keep yourself active and out of your desk chair. It all helps you burn those calories, stay healthy, and keep the pounds off. Looking for creative ways to keep you up and walking? Save phone calls until you have time to take a walk or park farther than you need to so you're forced to move more.

Slow down: Whether you're wolfing down your lunch or imbibing drink after drink at happy hour, here's a reminder that eating and drinking quickly is never a good idea. Not only does eating slower allow you to focus on what exactly you are eating, it's also better for being able to gauge about how full you actually are — which means less overeating. And if you can't get enough of happy hour, alternate drinks with club soda or a glass of water — not only will you be saving on calories, but you'll also be hydrated (not to mention hangover-free).

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