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Workout Motivation Techniques From Fit Readers

After a long day of work, school and every obligation in between, fitting in ample workout time can be a tough race. With so many readers joining our Get Fit For 2011 challenge and hoping to work out more this year, we offered up some helpful ways to motivate yourself to get your sweat on. Need more kick starts (who doesn't?!)? Here are some inspiring tips we received in comments from readers like you.

  • "My gym provides shampoo, conditioner, body wash and lotion — and it's a lot nicer than what I could buy myself. So there are times when I literally won't buy shampoo for weeks or months after running out, but it motivates me to get to the gym since they have it there. A friend of mine doesn't belong to my gym but she does a similar thing: she buys the trial sizes of really nice brands of shampoo and uses them as travel washes in her gym bag, but she can only use them after working out." — laellavita
  • "I like to visualize how my body will feel both immediately after the workout, as well as in the long run if I continue to go. It helps me get to the gym for both the endorphins, and the toned muscles that will come with time!" — Gabriela Une Vie Saine

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  • "I always go in the morning. I have to get ready for work anyway, so it makes more sense to get really sweaty before getting in the shower. If I put off a workout until after work, forget it!" — TiVo
  • "I put my alarm far away from my bed so I have to get up to turn it off. I put my gym clothes right next to my alarm clock so I literally have to almost touch them first thing when I wake up." — Anonymous
  • "I had a stroke when I was a kid. So the fact that I can get out of bed and walk- is the only motivation I need, I realize how fortunate I am." — Freespirit75

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