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Kristen Wants to Quit Smoking, Do It Too!

Kristen Stewart made the first step in kicking her cigarette habit — admitting to Entertainment Weekly that she's ready to give it up, saying, "I'm going to stop smoking. I'm not such a good smoker, anyway. It's not in my bones. I'm gonna drop it." More power to the gorgeous Twilight star, and here's hoping she sticks with it. Now, if you're out to ditch your own smoking habit, read on to kick-start your plan to quit.

  • Get Support — If you're ready to quit, whether or not you have friends that are smokers, make your decision known. Spreading the word that you're quitting will let your friends and family know that you'll need support. If you're having a tough day, reach out to friends. Instead of caving for a cigarette break, invite a friend for a long walk, a movie, or a workout class. Having the support of your loved ones who back your decision to quit will help give you a united front against your bad habit.
  • Don't Underestimate the Power of the Patch (or Gum) — Forms of nicotine replacement therapy have been shown to double your chances of quitting smoking, and can help you fight the urge to light up when you're facing nicotine withdrawal, reducing your feelings of depression and restlessness.
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  • Find Another Way to Relieve Stress — Since smoking can often be a way to unwind, you'll have to find a healthier outlet to relieve stress. Combat stress with an alternative that's good for the body like a yoga class, soothing massage, or aromatherapy. Natural herbal supplements like lavender, valerian, and passionflower can aid with feelings of anxiousness and help ease tension. Short bouts of exercise can help relieve cravings, too.
  • Don't Drink — Alcohol and smoking are social activities that seem to go hand in hand. Plus, since alcohol naturally lowers our inhibitions, it can be harder to resist the temptation of a smoke when you're out drinking. So, when you're trying to quit, it's probably best to avoid the bar scene altogether.
  • Get Your Fill of Fruits and Veggies — Since many smokers fear gaining weight when they quit, many choose to diet while they're trying to give it up. But it's not a great idea to limit your food intake or choices, which can leave you feeling even more irritable while you're working to quit. Instead, think of quitting in a healthier way — focus on how eliminating the toxins from cigarettes will help to purify your body, and choose healthy fruits and veggies to fill you up. You might even try juicing your servings of fruit and vegetables. The nutrient-rich juice can help to curb cravings and can even help flush toxins from the body.
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