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Sitting in the dentist chair is never pleasant for me. Luckily, my daughters still enjoy the experience — they think a cleaning is like having their teeth tickled. Inspired by their enthusiasm for oral health, I compiled a list of simple tips to make the experience of dental work a little less anxiety provoking.

  • Keep your eyes open; the visual stimulus will distract you from discomfort or pain.
  • Even with all those hands in your mouth, try to focus on your breath.
  • Bring your iPod to block out the noise of the drill.
  • Come up with a hand signal to alert the dentist when you're in pain, because a sudden movement or twitch can complicate matters.
  • Be sure to tell the dentist if you are sensitive and/or afraid. Most will be accommodating; if not, I suggest finding a new dentist.
  • Take a written list of questions and concerns so you don't forget them due to the stress of the visit.
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