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Tips For Running With Your Dog

K9 Time: Exercising With Your Pooch

I love running with my dog, Bonnie, because it's a way for us to both get some exercise and fresh air, and I know I appreciate the company. It makes me feel a little safer when running alone, and it also makes the time go by faster. Before you lace up your running shoes and leash up your dog too, consider these pet exercise tips.

  • It's not good for puppies' developing muscles and bones to run consistently for long periods of time. Wait until your dog is at least one year old or more. If she is older or overweight, running may be too hard on her joints, so stick to walking.
  • Consider your dog's breed. If she is a Pug or other dog with a short nose, walking might be better than running to limit breathing difficulties. If your dog is a large breed such as a Standard Poodle, running long distances may be hard on her joints, so opt for short runs.
  • Build up your dog's endurance gradually. Start off with short intervals of alternating between walking and running. Even though your dog may want to keep going, you don't want to overexert her too quickly and risk an injury.

To see the other tips,


  • Don't get frustrated if your dog has a hard time staying next to you, pulls on the leash, or stops constantly to smell things. Practice makes perfect, so be patient. It may take some time for her to get used to being on a short leash and running beside you at your pace.
  • Asphalt and concrete can be too hot for furry feet, and rocks and gravel may cause cuts. Monitor your dog’s pads for cracking and wear.
  • Dogs overheat easily, so avoid exercising in hot weather. Make sure to carry water with you or exercise near water so your pup can hydrate and cool off.
  • Dogs like routines, so if you establish a regular exercise time, you’ll never have to self-motivate. Your dog will beg you to get up and get going.


Spectra Spectra 8 years
macarons--I think you could run with your doxie. My sister's husband has a mini dachshund as well and he does great when my sis's husband runs with him.
witchbaby witchbaby 8 years
I loved taking my dog on walks with me- she loved getting out and stretching her legs-its sad cause after she passed away my other dog a lab is WILD on the leash. think Marley bad. I cannot control that girl, but with my pup (Border Collie) we started training him at an early age to go on walks with us so he does pretty good but he gets scared if a car passes by us.
macaronsbedon macaronsbedon 8 years
I have a miniature dachshund. I just walk with her, but I'd like to start running. I'm moving to a new city and read that running is a great way to discover an unknown territory! Running together would be new for both of us and running in itself would be new to me. Do you think this is possible with a small dog like a mini dachshund or should I stick to walks?
Spectra Spectra 8 years
I used to run with my dog when she was younger. She would go with me 4-5 miles no problem and she's pretty good about staying with me. But now that she's 11 years old, she can't run that far anymore. Mostly I just walk with her now, but occasionally I'll throw some running intervals in there to get her going. She's not arthritic or anything, but she just gets tired out a lot more easily now. It's kind of funny...if I run with her for more than about a mile, she refuses to move any farther. She sits down and I'll try to get her to move, but she will NOT run. She waits until I stop trying to run with her and then she walks with me. If your dog gets too hot when you're running with him/her, you can get them a doggie water bottle with a flip-down tray that they can drink out of on the road. They're really handy, especially in the summertime.
ladyr ladyr 8 years
I love exercising with my dogs. Some simple loose lead training really helped make our runs much more enjoyable. Now, I want to try one of those hip belts you can clip your dog's lead to so you can run hands free!
sillyho sillyho 8 years
My dog is a Cairn Terrier, small but very energetic even for his 8 years. He used to be a great running buddy but nowadays he's getting lazy. Its funny how he'll try to cut me off when I'm running to tell me that he would rather walk.
katyharper katyharper 8 years
I had to get Molly (seen here in my profile pic!) a harness for when we run, because she'd pull so hard on her leash/collar that I'd worry she was going to hurt herself. So if you have a bigger or stronger dog, look into getting a harness. I love how excited dogs get when you say the word "walk?"!!!
Zulkey Zulkey 8 years
lol Modus--it's obviously just stock footage. I run with my greyhound sometimes when I take him for walks but I think that he runs too fast and stops too suddenly for me to take him on real runs.
lizkiernan lizkiernan 8 years
I used to HATE running with my dog (half lab/pit bull). He would exert all his energy, pull on the leash and try to drag me along if he saw a rabbit or squirrel. Worst of all, because he was doing all these things, my runs became something I dreaded instead of something I enjoyed. But after switching up my routine (I run mornings only now, no nighttime runs), and being consistent and even bringing a few treats with me on my runs, he's gotten so much better! He and I have really bonded over our morning runs.
weffie weffie 8 years
i run with my poog but only in intervals... he loves to go fast but he tires himself out so quickly i end up carrying him home :strong: so i usually make him take walking breaks to help him stay out longer
ur_momm ur_momm 8 years
i just did that with my dog this morning... he always wants to run as fast as he possibly can unfortunately and he's half boxer, half lab and 2 years old so he has lots of energy and is freakishly strong for his size. i guess practice will make perfect...
Modus-Vivendi Modus-Vivendi 8 years
That dog in the photo needs to be on a leash or our jogger friend here is going to get a ticket. And is she running without a bra?
NdHebert NdHebert 8 years
I love running with my Aussie! She runs in front of me like a sled dog and I try to keep up with her. Usually I can't but running behind her makes me run faster, than holding her leash beside me.
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