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Tips For Shoveling Snow Safely

Did you know that snow shoveling counts as moderate physical activity?

That's the good news since many of us have been shoveling a lot of snow recently. The bad news is that if you don't shovel safely, you could end up hurting yourself. So along with using proper lifting techniques while handling the shovel, use these tips for shoveling safely:

  • Use a smaller shovel
  • Make sure your shovel isn't bent, tilting, or otherwise damaged
  • Take frequent breaks, even if only for a couple of minutes
  • Stop and go inside if you become overheated
  • Drink fluids
  • Don't try to fling snow long distances
  • Stop any time you feel pain

Fit's Tip: If you have a history of heart disease or high-blood pressure, you should talk to your doctor before shoveling any snow this Winter.


Join The Conversation
netjunky netjunky 9 years
I was in a car accident and have back issues, but can shovel a little. The heavy stuff that comes off the roof, and that the snow plow pushes in the driveway is a problem. So i use a snow blower. This didn't help with the deck, the snow falls off that and is heavy and wet. so last year i had enough of it. Built a ramp, and drove that snow blower up on the deck works great. ********And if you don't live on a busy street.... the best sand(salted sand) for your walk is left behind in the spring just sweep it up before the city does.*********
dubyah dubyah 9 years
Am I the only one that laughed at the disclaimer? It just reminded me of a bad commercial voice over :p
emalove emalove 9 years
I live in a townhouse right now and I don't have to shovel...we have people who come and do it for all of the units in my complex. I used to shovel all the time though when I lived in an apartment and I remember it being QUITE the workout. It's no easy task by any means!
aimeeb aimeeb 9 years
3 days and my back is still sore...
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