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Tips For Staying Healthy and Energized All Day

Healthy Choices to Make, Morning, Noon, or Night

Even if your day is so busy you think that skipping lunch or grabbing a calorie-filled snack is the only way to go, you can still salvage even the unhealthiest day to keep you on the right track. No matter what time it is, it's not too late to make a healthy choice, so read on for tips on how to stay energized, healthy, and alert all day!

Boost your energy the healthy way — by waking up refreshed, refueling your body, and kick-starting your metabolism. This means training your body to wake up without the snooze button and eating a healthy, lean breakfast that will keep you full for a long time. And go ahead, have a coffee, but don't start downing cup after cup. Too much caffeine can leave you wired, which will only lead to a crash later in the day. Find more easy tips for boosting your a.m. energy without that second cup of coffee here.

Read on for healthy choices to make for the rest of the day.

Avoid the slump. Greasy foods will only weigh you down, so ditch the takeout for lunch and go for something light. And moving around, whether it's with a stretch at your desk or a walk after lunch, will help you avoid that afternoon crash. Don't succumb to planting your head on your desk by using these other tips to keep your energy levels up in the afternoon.


Get quality sleep. The key to having a good, energized day tomorrow is sleeping well tonight. Give some thought to your bedroom situation — are their distractions or discomforts keeping you from feeling refreshed the next day? Find out how to make sure your sleep is the best it can be with these tips on getting quality sleep.

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