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Tips For Staying Healthy on Vacation

How You Stay Healthy on Vacation

Last week I asked you how you stayed fit on vacation, and I have to say a lot of your suggestions came in handy for my own weekend away! Even though I was in Las Vegas rock climbing in Red Rock Canyon, I also spent some time in the casinos, restaurants, and cocktail lounges. I took all of your suggestions in and found myself indulging without going overboard and walking almost everywhere. Here are the great ways you stay fit when you're on your own vacations; thanks for sharing!

To see the tips our readers shared,


Readers Giasbash6260, socalbeachgal, Spectra, and GlowingMoon all use the fitness centers at the hotels they stay at. If Spectra can't find a gym, she'll run the stairs in her hotel or use the resistance bands and jump rope that she packs with her.

Like Valerie Bertinelli, goddessru said that she is all about walking everywhere — especially since you do a ton of sightseeing. When Soniabonya was in Hungary it was customary to walk after every meal, and reader chloe bella often walked 40+ minutes to reach her destination when she was in Paris.


Some of you like ticamorena and neonbee end up being even more active on vacation because of all the fun activities you do like hiking, water sports, and dancing.

Other readers like Yesi Jukebox, nevaeh1978, and tlsgirl aren't stressing about this — they're on vacation! Most of you agree with onlysourcherry that as long as you don't go off the deep end, those pounds will come right off once you're home and back to your normal routine!

If you're like me, and have a question of your own to ask, head over to the Ask the Community Anything box, so you can type in a quick question (limited to 128 characters), and get an answer or advice from fellow community members. While you're there, why not check out the fabulous and supportive community groups? Maybe you're looking for exciting new healthy recipes or wondering about helpful running tips. When it comes to living a healthy and fit lifestyle, there's something for everyone.

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