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Tips for Stretch Mark Prevention

Stretch marks. Say it with me now, "UGH!" No one likes stretch marks but everyone seems to get them at some point or another.

Women get them especially during pregnancy, as teens going through puberty (where the skin stretches as breasts and hips grow in), or during excessive weight gain or weight loss. Stretch marks in men, apart from rapid weight gain or weight loss, can occur as a result of disease, the over use of steroid hormones and sometimes when suffering from diabetes. These tips below for stretch mark prevention in pregnant women from Medical News Today can also be applied to anyone feeling like you've got stretch marks coming on:

  • Limit your weight gain to no more than 25 to 35 pounds and this gain should be made gradually. A controlled weight gain without any sudden upward swings will let your skin stretch at a steady rate.
  • Use a brush or washcloth to massage the areas where you have noticed stretch marks or want to prevent stretch marks from occurring. This will increase circulation to that area.
  • Try to eat lots of those foods rich in zinc such as nuts and fish, rich in vitamins A, C & D such as carrots, citrus fruits and milk and those foods rich in protein.

There are more tips, so

  • Try to drink lots of water as this can help prevent stretch marks. Take your vitamins. Those vitamins A. C & D together with zinc are very important in preventing stretch marks. Good nutritional health is critical to the well-being of you, your baby and your skin.
  • Keep moisturizing your skin from the first trimester until well after you have given birth and returned to your pre-pregnancy weight. Use one of the oils or creams marketed especially for stretch mark prevention where the formulas are designed to encourage increased collagen production and support the dermis, thereby helping keep the skin intact despite all the stretching.
  • Once your baby is born, keep up the good habits you have developed during pregnancy for taking care of yourself. With a new baby to care for and the demands of motherhood, you need more than ever to keep your body strong.


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