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I've accumulated a bunch of fitness DVDs over the years. Some will forever be favorites, like Core Fusion Body Sculpt, and some I've only tried once, like Valerie Bertinelli's Losing It and Keeping Fit.

What's a girl to do with the stacks of fitness DVDs she never uses? Trade them for something she will use. is a website that allows you to post DVDs you no longer want. Once you post 10 to your "DVD Tower," you get one "gift" credit from the site. Then you can start swapping with other users. When someone wants your DVD, you mail it to them (yes, you pay the postage, which is typically $1.85), and you earn one credit toward a video you want. When you request a DVD, the owner will mail it to you. It's a great way to get rid of workout videos you're bored with, and to try something new. Once you're done with exercise DVDs you've received, you can always re-post them for others to request. Great idea, huh?

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nikolem2 nikolem2 7 years
Doesn't seem like a new idea--I've been doing this on Swaptree for about a year now.
darc5204 darc5204 7 years
That's a great idea, goddessru! I usually prefer the gym and sports over videos, but winter is so icky here that staying in and using netflix will be really appealing.
goddessru goddessru 7 years
This is a great idea, only I've decided to stop buying workout dvds now (unless I love them) and just do it through netflix. Netflix has an immense section on workout dvds and every now and then I throw them in there, try them until I get bored (no late fees) and then just send them back! It's totally worth it if you already netflix and don't have a gym membership. They even have some of them on instant play, so I can workout at home no problem!
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