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Tone It Up Diet

We Might Steal the Tone It Up Girls' Motto For Healthy Eating: "Lean, Clean, Green"

We often look to Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott for fitness and health inspiration. They're the masterminds behind Tone It Up, the renowned online wellness community that connects women all over the world with accessible workouts and nutrition plans. All it takes is one glance at their Instagram profile to see that they're reliable sources when it comes to planning out your daily diet.

Karena and Katrina are currently in the middle of their Tone It Up Tour, which visits 15 major cities around the country in 30 days. That means they're constantly on the move, going from one airport to the next and meeting and greeting hundreds of women along the way.

I caught up with K and K at their San Francisco stop, and I asked them the burning question we're all wondering, since it's a question that applies to our own lives: how do you keep up a healthy diet when you're insanely busy?


"Lean, clean, and green," Karena told POPSUGAR. "Those are they key components of our nutrition plan."

Karena said this rule applies "whether you're at the airport or your hotel," or wherever, really. "Lots of veggies, and clean, lean protein" are the things you should be reaching for every chance you get. That includes salads, fruits, vegetables, and any other fresh produce you love. When it comes to protein, reach for eggs, chicken breast, fish, and tofu. These are the foods that K and K stick to, and it seems to be working for them — and who are we to argue?

Not only will these foods help you stay slim or lose weight, if that's what you're going for, but eating these will make you feel your best. You'll be more energetic and have a clearer mind, and those are the positive changes you'll benefit from the most.

Image Source: Tone It Up
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