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Top 10 Signs You're a Fitness Fanatic

11 Signs You're a Fitness Freak

At some point in my tenure here at FitSugar, the term fitness freak went from being kind of a knockdown ( with the emphasis more on "freak)" to quite a compliment. These days I embrace the label and wear it, along with my colorful sneakers, with pride. Here are 10 signs that you too might be flying the fitness freak flag.

  1. You wear your heart rate monitor watch more than that classy analog watch with a leather band and crystal face.
  2. You own more sports bras than regular bras. And you know that the supportive bra you wear for running is just not necessary for Pilates.
  3. You think of chocolate milk as a recovery drink rather than a treat.
  4. You feel a little off if you’re not sore from your last workout.
  5. Your closet if full of multiple types of sneakers, all with specific purposes: at least two pairs of running shoes (one for outside and one for the treadmill), training shoes for strength training, cycling shoes for bike time, and tennis shoes for your time on the court — perhaps you have even more.
  6. You create new playlists for the different types of workouts that fill your weekly schedule. They have titles like: the rocking interval workout, the moody long run, circuit training tunes, relaxing vinyasa yoga mix, etc.
  7. When traveling you always take your running shoes, a jump rope, and a theraband, so you can get your sweat on anywhere.
  8. You are always hydrating, either prepping for your next workout or recovering from your last.
  9. You see your trainer more than your BFF.
  10. You think headbands are not fashion statements but exist solely to keep your hair out of your face when doing burpees.
  11. Had to add another one: You’re ecstatic when you receive fitness gear as gifts and jumped for joy when you opened a BOSU on your last birthday.
  12. I am sure there are plenty more signs. What made you realize you were a fitness fanatic?

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