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Top 10 Signs You're a Health Nut

These 13 GIFs Prove You're a True Health Nut

You're all about taking care of yourself, whether it be hitting the gym regularly, getting your recommended eight hours of shut-eye, or milking your one and only glass of vino on the weekend. You're also pretty mindful when it comes to what crosses your lips. If you can relate to three or more of these signs, chances are high that you're a bona fide health nut.

Of course, you've heard of seitan, tempeh, and tofu — who hasn't?

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You eat kale for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert.

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This is how you feel when you walk into a health food store.

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You think eating enriched flour should be a punishable crime.

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You feel sad for unhealthy eaters.

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Eat fast food? You'd rather stick your hand in your NutriBullet.

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Your fridge is 90 percent produce.

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Grocery shopping can be truly traumatic and take well over an hour since you read every. Single. Label.

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At dinner parties, you show up with gluten-free crackers, spinach chips, and homemade hummus.

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There's nothing you won't put in a smoothie.

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You've tried going vegetarian, vegan, raw, gluten-free, and macrobiotic at least once, and this is your signature phrase.

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You use the words "organic" and "food" interchangeably.

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When you're stressed, you emotionally eat broccoli.

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