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Top 11 Most Dangerous High-School Sports

When it comes to dangerous sports in high school and beyond, cheerleading can definitely lead to serious injuries. All those daring lifts and complicated dance moves aren't the only way you athletes hurt themselves.

Here is a list of other sports that top the injury list.

  1. Lacrosse
  2. Football
  3. Baseball/softball
  4. Cheerleading
  5. Gymnastics

To see the rest of the list


  1. Soccer
  2. Ice Hockey
  3. Track and Field/Cross Country
  4. Swimming/Diving
  5. Basketball
  6. Wrestling

Did you play any of these growing up, and if so, did you ever get hurt?

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PirateKitty PirateKitty 7 years
Rugby man... Rugby!
bbbunton bbbunton 7 years
i think field hockey and lacrosse are two of the most dangerous sports. ive seen severe injuries and balls to every part of your body. in fact, i got hit with a ball today at field hockey practice...hahha.
telane telane 7 years
I did cheer, track, golf, and soccer.... I would have to say that cheer and soccer definitely fit the most dangerous list.... I got clocked in the head during a soccer game and basically crumpled to the ground, unconscious. I came to pretty quickly, but had one hell of a headache. Also, I was the flier on our varsity cheer squad, and though I was never seriously injured, there were many-many-many close calls. The worst one happened while teaching a more challenging basket toss to some newer squad members, I was launched halfway down the basketball court, finally being caught by a couple of veteran members and our coach who just HAPPENED to be there. We all ended up hitting the ground, but luckily no one ended up with anything more than some bad bruises. The girls responsible (who were screwing around) were sidelined for the rest of the year. I can't believe how moronic some people can be.
bmee6141 bmee6141 7 years
and many people don't get it, but colorguard ( those with the flags in my marching band) is down right nasty as well. It might look easy and cheesy, but when that wind blows and your tossing a 6 foot metal pole- that fabric turns into a sail and brings it right towards your face- not to mention the spinning and tossing of 5-8lb. of wood (a rifle) and 5 lb. saber (taped metal)- pinched nerves, broken finger, fractured wrists from catching wrong, concussions from hit on the head with a flag, rifle, saber...its ugly out there too
bmee6141 bmee6141 7 years
I'd have to agree with field hockey I was the goalie, and I know you think that i had all those pads- but when you bend your leg to clear a ball and it hits a bad patch of grass- theres nothing protecting that ball from hitting squarely on the knee cap or any exposed part of the body. No to mention the dives, sticks to the ribs... now imagine when your a field player- i seen front teeth get knocked out, balls to the head, sticks to the face and every other body part field hockey can be down right dangerous
Chrstne Chrstne 7 years
I always did cheerleading, gymnastics, and dance in high school. I did cheerleading in college, too. Cheerleading did the worst damage, I'd say. But, aside from that, and everything combined -- my knees will absolutely never be the same again. I have old woman's knees.
ella1978 ella1978 7 years
I too don't think swmimming is dangerous, but I guess there is always the possiblity of drowning - which most other sports don't have. My injuries would compile a long list, cause I was an extreme player. Lots of sprained ankles, knees, etc. I have tendonitis in my serving shoulder & my opposite elbow (not sure why...), hip injuries, missing cartelidge in my left knee. I also grew up on a horse farm, so I did a lot of riding, no injuries there (even after a few spills) but horses stepping on my feet left me with LOTS of broken toes.
nia0nia nia0nia 7 years
Picture: there MUST be some harnesses and ropes in that move!
cotedazur cotedazur 7 years
I did cross country, swimming, and track and field - but I only ran the distance events in track and field, no hurdles for me. I think the only injuries I've had were a sprained ankle once from tripping on a tree root (but I'm clumsy) and a punctured eardrum when my teammates were horsing around with a kickboard and it slammed into the side of my head. Hyzenthlay, those are such awful stories!! I had pneumonia my sophomore year and my track coaches kept telling me it was allergies - don't you wish they would have more confidence in us??
taylor350 taylor350 7 years
field hockey definitely tops my list. My only sports injury ever was playing hockey
hyzenthlay20 hyzenthlay20 7 years
I was a swimmer and water polo player too . . . I got rotator cuff tendinitis in my shoulders from swimming, but that wasn't bad. Once, doing dryland weights, I strained a tendon that's near my collar bone and it didn't heal. I ended up getting a cortizone shot to help it to heal. Waterpolo is WAY more dangerous than swimming, IMO. It's full contact with 6 ounces of material to protect you. I took a shot to the forehead from an All-American player on the other team and blacked out. My coach didn't believe that anything was wrong, and made me play the rest of the game. The next day I found out I had a concussion, and I had to sit out the rest of the season. Awful way to end your Senior season! Oh, and I almost forgot about breaking my finger while playing polo . . . again, my coach didn't believe me, told me I had jammed it and instructed me to "pull it out" then put me back in the game. Found out a few days later that I had split the bone into the knuckle and possibly set it myself when I "pulled it out." The sad thing was, that this was the summer after my freshman year, and up until the concussion incident my senior year, my coaches believed me if I said something was wrong.
sourcherry sourcherry 7 years
I just wanted to say that is an incredible picture! The girl in the middle... wow! No wonder it's so dangerous!...
darc5204 darc5204 7 years
Glad I'm not the only one to have jumped hurdles onto my face, vanonymous. I also tore my quad once. I love playing soccer now, but that also provides a steady stream of minor injuries.
gigglesss gigglesss 7 years
i'm a pitcher for my highschool softball team and i play a lot of tennis. I couldn't tell you how many times i've sprained my wrist from over usage. So everytime i'm finished playing, i have to wear a wrist splint the next day and ice it. Aside from that, i wear a knee brace everytime i play as well to avoid surgery that i *should* have.
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