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The Top 20 Fast Food Items Highest In Calories

My friends over at went through the nutrition facts of every single item from the menus of 25 popular fast food restaurants to put together a list of 272 fast food items highest in calories.

Here are the top 20 highest calories items from the list:

  • White Castle Chocolate Shake - Large (Louisville region): 1680
  • Nathan's Fish N Chips: 1537
  • Carl's Jr. Double Six Dollar Burger: 1520
  • Hardee's Monster Thickburger: 1420
  • Dairy Queen Large Choc. Chip Cookie Dough Blizzard: 1320
  • Hardee's Double Bacon Cheese Thickburger: 1300
  • Dairy Queen Large Chocolate Malt: 1300
  • Nathan's Chicken Tender Platter: 1300
  • Jack In The Box OREO Cookie Ice Cream Shake (24oz): 1290
  • Dairy Queen Chicken Strip Basket (6 piece): 1270

To see the rest of the list

  • Hardee's Double Thickburger: 1250
  • Burger King Triple Whopper Sandwich With Cheese: 1230
  • Jack In The Box Chocolate Ice Cream Shake (24oz): 1230
  • White Castle Chocolate Shake - Large (New Jersey region): 1230
  • Hardee's Big Country Breakfast Platter - Breaded Pork Chop: 1220
  • Jack In The Box Strawberry Ice Cream Shake (24oz): 1220
  • Jack In The Box Egg Nog Shake (24oz): 1210
  • Nathan's French Fries (Super Size): 1188
  • White Castle Vanilla Shake - Large (New Jersey region): 1180
  • Del Taco Macho Beef Burrito: 1170


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