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A day at the gym wouldn't be a day at the gym without seeing at least one person holding on for dear life while running on the treadmill. I'll never completely understand how (or why) people do it, but eDiets has come up with a list of excuses people use for holding on and how to stop doing it:

  • If you think: "I’ll fall off if I let go!"
    Then: SLOW DOWN.
  • If you think: "My trainer says it’s OK." I once asked a trainer why he allowed his able-bodied client to hold on, despite three weeks of training. His response: "She’s scared."
    Then: Beware of trainers who fail to empower you.
  • If you think: "I’ll lose my balance."
    Then: Slow down and stop using your arms as anchors. Balancing is part of exercise.
  • If you think: "I’ve always done it this way."
    Then: It’s never too late to break a sabotaging habit.
  • If you think: "My doctor told me to do it."
    Then: Shame on him or her for not telling you that holding on increases blood pressure and causes poor posture.
  • If you think: "The machine keeps telling me to hold on for heart rate."
    Then: Select another program. Hold on for heart rate, but then let go after the number appears!
  • If you think: "But I’m sweating!"
    Then: Many variables affect sweat: room ventilation, weight, body chemistry, even mental state.
  • If you think: "I’m old!"
    Then: If ever there were a reason NOT to hold on, this is it!

So break the habit -- Slow the treadmill down and work on form WITHOUT holding on before over exerting yourself and risking injury.


lintacious lintacious 10 years
do you hang onto anything when running? no. then why would you hang onto something while mimicing running? and for those who rest their whole upper body on the screen - just go take a nap.
legallyblonde legallyblonde 10 years
I think that it's ok to hold onto the handles when you're using the ellipses or the elliptical, because you're in a different position and doing a different form of exercise. With the two "e" machines, I think that it's a lot easier to lose your balance, and I know that when I try to go without holding onto the handles I just end up hitting my arms repeatedly on the handles lol.
andrea426 andrea426 10 years
i was on the ellipses (or the one without the moving handle bars) this morning and i try my darn hardest not to hold on. most of the time i don't but there are those rare occasions where i find myself clinging onto it. they should just make em without handle bars haha...avoid temptation!
JessNess JessNess 10 years
Sometimes when I get started on the treadmill- walking at a semi fast speed, I dont run- I get a little wobbly since for whatever reason I can not walk in a straight line so I dont hold onto the rails but Ill put a finger on each one for a little while. It keeps me steady but Im not holding on
swindygal swindygal 10 years
hey what about me!
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