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bnelson bnelson 9 years
I am a Cross Fit Trainer and it is amazing! Before I was involved in Cross Fit I dedicated to the big box gym 6 times a week...running, aerobics, spinning, etc. I was so sick of not seeing the results I wanted to and then I heard of Cross Fit. Seriously changed my body. I am very muscular and toned, but by no means a body builder. We have clients who were 300 pounds when they started Cross Fit. It really is fitness for everyone. Okay enough of my thoughts, but if there is an affiliate near you check it out :)!
Spectra Spectra 9 years
THANK YOU for posting that realbuzz link!! I've tried to explain to people over and over again that once you start running, your body starts to hang onto glycogen instead of fat (which is why runners are typically quite lean). It's pretty much why your weight fluctuates a lot once you become very athletic too...glycogen pulls in water with it, so after you eat and before you work out, you'll "puff up" a bit if you eat anything with carbs b/c you're storing it to use at your next workout. It's definitely not something to worry about b/c it's a lot easier for your body to burn off glycogen. You WANT glycogen to be stored, not fat!!
pugglelover pugglelover 9 years
I just heard of Crossfit from a co-worker and now it's on one of your links. I'm going to check that out for sure.
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