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Total-Body Workout Ideas

Take Your Pick: 5 Total-Body Workout Ideas

Workouts that target multiple muscle groups save time when it comes to staying in shape. Go ahead and take your pick with one of these five ways to work your entire body fast.

  1. BOSU ball: If the classes at your gym are too crowded or you want a change of pace, go for a quiet corner where you can tune into your own workout and tune out the rest. This entire workout is done with just a BOSU ball and a pair of dumbbells; get the total-body BOSU workout here.
  2. 45-minute total gym: Challenge yourself with just an exercise ball, dumbbells, and a medicine ball. This 45-minute circuit workout will have you jumping, lunging, and planking your way to a more toned body in no time.
  3. Resistance-band workout: Ready for another challenge? Work different muscle groups all at once with this resistance-band circuit workout. You'll need a pair of dumbbells as well to complete the workout, which includes lunges, push-ups, triceps kickbacks, and squats.
  4. Yoga sequence: Yoga is a great way to strengthen every part of your body, so if you're bored with your normal gym routine, try a toning and stretching yoga sequence. This total-body yoga flow sequence will tone legs, arms, and abs, all while calming you down and increasing your flexibility.
  5. Equipment-free: You don't need to invest in a whole array of home gym equipment to strength train. In fact, you don't even need much space to give your entire body a workout. This equipment-free circuit workout is perfect for apartment-dwellers; the moves also incorporate a little cardio along with toning your muscles.
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