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Track Etiquette

I have been hitting the track lately for sprint interval workouts. The track close to my house is full of folks working out, which I must say makes my heart swell with joy. All those people exercising outside feels like an inspirational community to me. Problem is some folks don't know how to share.

Like most public spaces, there is an etiquette to working out at a track. Just like driving on the freeway, the inside lanes are for fast running, and you should keep to the right if you're going slowly. If you're walking or doing a recovery jog interval, stick to the outside lanes. You should also yield to faster runners.

Another important unstated rule is that the direction of traffic is counter clockwise. So don't run against the flow. As always, have fun out there.


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KathleenxCouture KathleenxCouture 9 years
I ran track throughout middle and high school so i knew all of this already but yeah the counter-clockwise thing is a rule for competitive track as well.
lolababy575 lolababy575 9 years
This is unusual to read because my uni rec center actually has walkers/joggers on the inside lane, with faster runners on the outer lanes, and we actually alternate running directions (clock or counter clock wise) based on what date it is (even or odd). It works out really well for the most part.
chameleon7 chameleon7 9 years
I know what you mean Spectra, I have seen people of all ages that do that - both on a track and walking paths/paths. Some paths I have seen say "stay on the left" or they have a wide path and part of the path is for walkers/runners and the other for people on bikes, blades, etc and people would walk right across both. Mod6 and Smart Blonde, so true.
Spectra Spectra 9 years
My big pet peeve is when groups of like, 5 older women walk REALLY SLOWLY across the entire track and block it off for everyone else. If you want to spread out that much when you walk, walk on the sidewalk!
mod16 mod16 9 years
also... old men with hairy chests who think they are sexy with their shirts off, DO NOT BELONG ON THE TRACK
bluebellknoll bluebellknoll 9 years
Why is it that the unstated direction is counter-clockwise? Just curious...
smart-blonde smart-blonde 9 years
Also, strollers do not belong on tracks. I confess I do run against the flow because alternating directions helps to prevent injury, but in the summer I don't usually go running until 7 or 7:30 at night, and by then there aren't many people on the track.
mymaria mymaria 9 years
Thanks for the post. I don't do track workouts very often, but now next time I do I'll actually KNOW the proper direction to run in and also which lane to be in. Awesome post.
chameleon7 chameleon7 9 years
Another one you forgot is if you are planning to stop and talk to a person or people get off the track or ask the person/people walk with you - without taking up multiple lanes. Don't stand on the track and talk away, you are in the way of other people and it can be annoying. Of course this also applies to walking path, side walks, etc.
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