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Tracy Anderson on How Gwyneth Paltrow Gained Weight

Tracy Anderson Dishes on Gwyneth Paltrow's Diet

Yesterday we shared with you Gwyneth Paltrow's weight loss/gain for her roles in Iron Man 2 and Love Don't Let Me Down. Gwyneth's trainer Tracy Anderson shared with Us Weekly how her celeb client managed to put on the weight: "She loves to eat. She pigged out." No big shocker there, I guess. Tracy also said that she cut Gwyneth's training in half — going from six days a week to three. Meanwhile, Gwyneth ate and drank anything and everything she wanted, including fried chicken and lots of booze.

When discussing how Gwyneth got back in shape, the celeb trainer said they just bumped her workouts back up to six times a week. To train, the pair do 45 minutes of dance aerobics and 45 minutes of Tracy's "muscular design program." Tracy says that as long as Gwyneth sticks to this routine six times a week, the star can continue to eat anything she wants.

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AleWebster AleWebster 6 years
Hi Gold, I like your comments, it's true... people complain about not having time but they spend hours on facebook or browsing the internet.. me included.. that's why the fault is all mine =)
Asia84 Asia84 7 years
I think Gwyneth doesn't eat foods with gluten and sugars. SO, if you cut that out of your diet alone, you'll slim up too. Add your workout, and you'll be a lean-bean like Gwyneth too. It takes discipline to eat RIGHT and to actually exercise (consistently). You basically have to throw out everything you have in your kitchen now and start over. We have too many temptations left in the cupboard. Gwyneth probably has more time than all of us to workout. But let's keep it real; you put time aside to watch your favorite show, don't you? You put time aside to go shopping (not grocery shopping). If YOU want to look and feel better, then YOU have to make time for it. Even if it's 30 minutes a day. And I've heard some crazy stuff about Tracy. But look at her clients. Come on. Their bodies are on point. That may or may not be YOUR fitness goal, but it's worth checking out a DVD or two.
kurniakasih kurniakasih 7 years
Well, actually you can eat a lot, but not whatever you want to eat variety LOL. I doubt I'll gain weight if I just eat a LOT of plain celery or lettuce. I agree with Spectra, Gwyneth's idea of eating 'anything she wants,' probably only involves those in her diet regimen to begin with. She seems to be a pretty strict and healthy eater.
jlana jlana 7 years
*sniff sniff* What's that smell? Oh right, bullplop. I've seen the diets Tracy Anderson recommends and they're definitely not of the eat-whatever-you-want variety. I doubt many people can eat whatever they want and still be rail thin as long as they do Tracy Anderson's crazy chicken dance aerobics/muscular strength workout. Please.
Spectra Spectra 7 years
Gah, I wish I had her bone'd be awesome to be able to eat "whatever I wanted" all the time. Although, I'm pretty sure Gwyneth's idea of "anything she wants" is probably mostly vegan/raw food type stuff anyway.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 7 years
She's always so glowy. I would kill for her skin.
hausfrau hausfrau 7 years
Goop looks soooo much better with the extra weight. I wish she'd just keep it!
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