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Tracy Anderson's Manhattan Workout Studio

Madonna and Gwyneth's Trainer Opens NYC Workout Studio

Perhaps you're inspired by Madonna's muscles or Gwyneth Paltrow's long and lean physique — the ladies are dedicated to exercise and attribute their levels of fitness to trainer Tracy Anderson. She first made her workouts accessible to the public through workout videos, and her newest venture in spreading her method is the opening of a Manhattan studio with business (and fitness) partner Gwyneth Paltrow.

While Tracy is attempting to popularize her signature method, she's not exactly taking the exclusivity away from the workouts she designed. With an initiation fee of $787.50 for six months or $1,500 for a year and monthly membership fees of $900 a month, the Tracy Anderson Method is hardly an affordable fitness solution for most. To see what members are paying for,


Maybe you'd be willing to shell out mega-bucks for a celebrity trainer, but Tracy won't be the one leading classes at her TriBeCa studio. Instead, staff members will guide high-paying clientele through workouts on Anderson's proprietary New Band System and Hybrid Body Reformer. Even if I could afford to invest that much money in my fitness routine, I couldn't justify doing it. It seems excessive to pay $12,300 for one year of working out when there are so many less expensive ways to get fit.

Would you pay to work out at the studio if you could afford it?


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