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A Reader's Countdown to Competition: 12 Weeks Out

Check out the latest progress report from Figure Princess, who is training for several National Physique Committee figure competitions. You can read about her entire journey on the OnSugar blog Live. Laugh. Love. Lift.

OK, this last Saturday was the 12 week mark. I was really happy with my progress pictures this week and can see my glutes and hamstrings starting to catch up. Like many women, this area is typically the last place I lose fat from and the first place it comes back. Thankfully some modifications in my cardio routine have jump started the slimming process!

The big changes for this week are that my two steak meals are gone and have been replaced with three meals of tilapia. This of course happens the day after I buy up all the flank steak at the grocery store, but hopefully it will be back in the plan at some point. Until then, I'll just bury it in the back of the freezer so I don't miss it so much. Aside from that, things are staying consistent. I'm still getting ample amounts of protein along with oats, sweet potatoes, and fibrous green veggies every day. Training sessions are still solid and I'm continuing to see some strength gains week to week. Also, it's FINALLY starting to warm up outside so I'll be able to do my morning cardio with my dog outdoors. It's hard to drag myself to the gym alone at 4:45 each morning when I have to see this:



This little guy is in for a big surprise!

Every day is what you choose to make it, so make it a great week everyone!

To find out what comes next for Figure Princess, start following Live. Laugh. Love. Lift. Or if you've got something to say, start your own OnSugar blog. Maybe we'll post your story here on FitSugar!

Join The Conversation
tlsgirl tlsgirl 7 years
What a cute dog!
FigurePrincess FigurePrincess 7 years
Hi! I haven't gotten the courage to post my progress pictures yet but we'll see as I get closer to competition time. I do work with a coach! I did my own diet/training for my first show (the Northern KY!) but have been with a trainer ever since. It's too easy for me to panic and make irrational diet changes when my pics don't look the way I think they should. It's so nice to just do the work, while someone else sweats the details and makes the adjustments. I'm having a new suit made this year and I'm very excited about it! My previous suit was beautiful but it seemed like everyone had one of the same color. This year I'm being more adventurous and looking to add more bling! I won't have it until late April but as soon as I have some pictures, I will be sure to post them. As for my puppy, Edwin does get to sleep in the bed most of the time, unless he's having too many dreams about chasing things. He loves to run in his sleep!! LOL
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